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In compiling this website I repeatedly came across information that I could not satisfactorily verify. If anyone can provide me with proof for or against any of the following I would be very grateful. If and when any of the below are solved I will strike-through the entry and give credit to the solver but I will continue to leave the queries up for posterity. In due time I hope to move anything solved in this section into the miscellany itself. If you have any information please use the e-mail address at the foot of the page.

Faeries' LandingA number of sources make the claim that Chun Li has a cameo appearance in You Hyun's manga Faeries' Landing but fail to give either the context of the appearance or a reference to the chapter in which it can be found. I've scanned through hundreds of pages of this comic, probably thousands in fact (as it can be found online) but have yet to find Chun Li anywhere. If anyone can pin her down please let me know!

Jackie Chan AdventuresOn a similar theme, many of the same websites also hold that Chun-Li can be seen in an episode of Jackie Chan Adventures. This popular kids cartoon series originated at the turn of the millennium, ran for five series and contains a number of references to Chan's own life and film career. A Chun-Li cameo certainly seems plausible but, short of watching all ninety-five episodes, locating precisley where she appears is proving an impossible task.

Alternate stages in SFIVThe challenge modes of Street Fighter IV allude to subtly alternate versions of the stage backgrounds. These are accessed by pressing the left and right bumpers upon stage select. A couple of these alternates are obvious; a shop in Crowded Downtown has a red sign instead of green (implying a change of ownership) and the Overpass stage has a bunny rabbit graffiti'd under the bridge. Identifying the changes to the other stages is a little more challenging, however.

References to a single sprite in Ingrid's Capcom Fighting Evolution set that depicts a man dressed in leather (never seen in-game) can be found sparingly on forums and on wikis. Where a picture of the sprite is given the character bears an uncanny resemblance to comedian Masaki Sumitani's character 'Hard Gay'. The scarcity of sources detailing this find and an inability (on my part) to locate the sprite sheet currently prohibits me from including this curiosity.

*solved* By RAE. Cf. Volume III page 1.

'Horace?'Final Fight's ultimate boss is named Belger, but as far as I can ascertain he has never officially been given a first name. Yet the name 'Horace' is repeated all over the internet on profiles of the character. His brother, 'Father Bella' appears in Final Fight: Streetwise, released in 2006 and some sources claim this as the originator of the name Horace Belger. Despite reading all the dialogue from Streetwise I can't find this reference. Can anyone confirm or deny a Capcom source?

Korean live-action tv seriesMany articles can be found describing a live-action television series of Street Fighter that aired in Korea, clips of the show can even be found on video sharing websites. However, tangible details about the shows production are sorely lacking, including whether or not it was licensed by Capcom or freely flirted with copyright infringement. I am keen to learn more about this series but need solid details; there is even disagreement about whether it was a tv series or a film.

That Metro City is the theatre for both Final Fight and Captain Commando is well established, but another piece of trivia that joins the two series keeps cropping up without quoting a reference. It is commonly stated that Ginzu the Ninja (Sho in Japan) is the successor to the bushinryu style of ninjutsu practiced by Guy (some decades later). Neat as this is, I cannot track down an official source. Ginzu's in-game profile only goes so far as to say he is 'a master of ninjitsu'. Is it in the SNES manual?

*solved* By Shadi. Cf. Volume III page 1.

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"even with my oversized head and stubby limbs, i'm unbeatable!"

NAME: Akuma


HEIGHT: 178 cm

WEIGHT: 85 kg

B/W/H: 118 84 86


"i'm so busy right now... i want to finish this so quickly!"

NAME: Chun-Li


HEIGHT: 169 cm

WEIGHT: --- kg

B/W/H: 88 58 90