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First and foremost, it would be remiss not to recognise Capcom and all the staff who worked on Street Fighter past and present. Secondly, Tiamat and Vasili10's Street Fighter Plot Guide re-ignited my interest in the series, in particular the more obscure elements of its plot and composition. Vasili and Sano were most helpful in answering my questions along the way. Thanks to Jen for doing the Russian translations for me and to Yuk for the Chinese. Many thanks to Alex for kindly hosting this folly of mine and to Luke for energising me to actually finish this thing after three false starts. I would also like to mention Mick McGinty for his recollections and cordiality. Riley Miles kindly gave permission for me to use his excellent Street Fighter V sprites in Volume IV of the site. To view more of his work please check out the link to his gallery, below.

Finally, thanks to Becks for everything and nothing to do with Street Fighter!

Links are in alphabetical order with credits, where necessary, in the comments:

  • 4thletter.netMalibu’s Street Fighter Comic: Here Comes an Old Challenger!
  • A look back at Malibu's ill-fated Street Fighter series, lots of horrible artwork from the comics if you can stomach it!

  • adlervermillion.comCapcom vs Data East
  • Background and analysis of Capcom's attempted injunction against Data East in 1994.

  • arcadequartermaster.comArcade Quartermaster
  • A true labour of love, contains a wealth of screenshots and information about all the classic Capcom games (and others too!)

  • cammyfan.comCammy Fan
  • 'Cammy & more!' Someone else who is a big Cammy fan. Gloriously prepossessing and sincere, hundreds of pictures too, many of which are quite rare.

  • Japan: Super Street Fighter IV profiles
  • Official source for Street Fighter IV character profiles.

  • capcom-unity.comCapcom Unity
  • In particular, Kramez's enlightening article on Dee Jay (with creator James Goddard) and BigMex's incredibly detailed and passionate article 'How to Design a Street Fighter Character'.

  • capcom.wikia.comCapcom Database
  • A fan-edited Capcom encylopædia. Good character bios and game synopsis. Lots of pictures, logos and boxart. An excellent starting point on any Capcom subject.

  • combovid.comGlitch Handbook: Street Fighter II Arcade
  • error1's article about glitches in arcade SFII is extraordinarily comprehensive and well explained. I am indebted to the piece for several entries plus images of a red hadoken and hitboxes. A fascinating site.

  • daily.redbullmusicacademy.comInterview: Street Fighter II's Yoko Shimomura
  • Interview with Street Fighter II music composor Yoko Shimomura.

  • dammit.typepad.comSF2 codes and random findings
  • Dammit's blog entry from June 2011 with some interesting bits and bobs about Street Fighter II.

  • deviantart.comMiles Riley's DeviantArt gallery
  • The Street Fighter III style sprites of Street Fighter V characters in Volume IV come from the talented hands of Miles Riley. Thanks Miles, really excellent work.

  • Saviour's Arena
  • As many of the entries in the Miscellany refer to stage backgrounds this was a hugely useful resource. I am extremely grateful to the author and commend his open source philosophy.

  • eventhubs.comEventHubs
  • Besides being a great site devoted to Capcom fighting games and tournament play, I am personally thankful to Catalyst, via Alex Jebailey, for posting this site in the news section of EventHubs and helping me reach a much bigger audience.

  • fenixware.netFight-A-Base
  • Massive database of information on fighting games. I'm indebted to them for the render of the 'Judgement Gals'.

  • fightersgeneration.comFighters Generation
  • Another excellent resource for information on the Street Fighter games (or any other fighting game for that matter).

  • fightingstreet.comFighting Street
  • Very well researched and lovingly put together. Their section on character look-alikes is far more comprehensive than I could ever hope to muster, likewise their article on Shadaloo and Nazism. Surely one of the top Street Fighter fansites online.

  • flyers.arcade-museum.comArcade Flyers
  • Outstanding database of arcade flyers, past and present.

  • game.capcom.comShadaloo Combat Research Initiative
  • Character profiles written from the perspective of Shadaloo as a tie-in for Street Fighter V. Useful for filling in the blanks but some of the weights/heights differ here to the official IV profiles so it's getting messy keeping tabs on what's official.

  • games5/sf2tbThe GamesTM Legacy
  • Detailed page covering the GamesTM debate about the appearance of SFII in Father Ted. The author of this site came achingly close to the answer!

  • gamesdbase.comGames Database
  • Online Games System Repository. Along with MAWS this is a great website for researching old games and technical info.

  • gamefaqs.comGameFaqs
  • Game reviews, overviews, forums, cheats, faqs.... Activity on the boards tends heavily towards new releases but the amount of content on the faq pages is mightily impressive. Also one of the homes of The Street Fighter Plot Guide.

  • giantbomb.comGiantBomb
  • A wealth of user-editable content on a huge number of games and quietly a very good resource for images too.

  • Credit: The Making of Street Fighter II
  • Chris Kohler's excellent article on the 'Street Fighter II Complete File' book (1992), specifically the section on the making of the game. Fascinating reading, well illustrated. I'm grateful to this article for my entry on abandoned/early designs.

  • - Street Fighter (Series)
  • As well as being a comprehensive online store selling all sorts of rare books and games, contains lots of high-quality artwork for every game in the Street Fighter series and many more besides.

  • mamedev.orgMultiple Arcade Machine Emulator
  • Relentless in its pursuit of perfection, a simply wonderful piece of software. Many of the images on this site owe their existence to MAME and 'F12'!

  • maws.mameworld.infoMAWS
  • Stunningly comprehensive and reliable resource for arcade roms and technical info. Researching the individual releases would have been considerably more difficult without MAWS.

  • mickmcgintyart.comMick McGinty
  • The homepage of artist Mick McGinty, responsible for possibly the most iconic image in the history of Street Fighter internationally; the cover art for home versions of World Warrior! A thoroughly decent fellow too.

  • polygon.comStreet Fighter II: An Oral History
  • Brilliant, in-depth article by Matt Leone featuring interviews from key names in the making of Street Fighter II. Lots of insight and interesting tid-bits, pretty on the eye too.

  • rq87.flyingomelette.comRage Quitter 87's Final Fight Shrine
  • A really enjoyable Final Fight fansite, loads of background info and trivia. I am most indebted to Rage Quitter 87 for the information on censorship in home ports of Final Fight. The Street Fighter pages are also incredible. Best on the web.

  • shmuplations.comStreet Fighter II – 1991 Developer Interview
  • This is a tremendous translation of an interview with Akira Nishitani from 1991, shortly after the release of Warrior's Dreams. I was delighted to discover that the author of this site had included a link to my site; thank-you!

  • shoryuken.comSRK
  • This fighting-game community needs no introduction, a great source for news and events and the forums are a hive of activity with very knowledgeable fans.

  • siliconeraThe Making of Street Fighter X Mega Man
  • Informative little piece about the making of SF X MM, with insight from the game's creator.

  • slateman.netThe Sigil of Slateman
  • I stumbled across Slateman's website whilst searching for clean images of stage backgrounds and sprite sheets and it more than fits the bill. It is a very comprehensive site whilst being a lot of fun so full credit to him for his work.

  • steamboy33.deviantart.comsteamboy33
  • steamboy33 is Arnold Tsang, one of Udon's most celebrated artists. I don't think I've ever seen a piece of his work that I haven't enjoyed. I have used his incredible 'what-if' Street Fighter IV sprites in Volume III of this site.

  • Wiki
  • The entries on the various Street Fighter games are the source for most of the character renders used on the profiles on this site. For that I am extremely thankful. Above and beyond that, it's a truly great resource for characters' movesets.

  • streetfighter.wikia.comThe Street Fighter Wiki
  • Similar to the Capcom database but more focused in ambition. Lots of bios, profiles and galleries and constantly expanding.

  • streetfighterdevotion.comStreet Fighter Devotion
  • The 'Definitive Street Fighter Gamelist' at Street Fighter Devotion proved immensely helpful in compiling my own Street Fighter timeline and in cataloging the numerous cameos appearances. Extremely comprehensive website from a passionate group.

  • tcrf.netThe Cutting Room Floor
  • A tremendous resource of unused material unearthed from videogame ROMs. I am indebted to the site for many things, but especially for entries involving the SFII scroll test and the prototype version of Hugo in SFIII.

  • Rebel
  • Check out Tiny Rebel's homepage here and learn more about 'Hadouken' and their other craft beers!

  • twingalaxies.comTwin Galaxies
  • Affiliated with Guiness World Records, Twin Galaxies are the authority on videogame high scores. The world record for points in SSFIIT (no continues, difficulty 8) is 1,865,000....

  • Entertainment
  • Udon crew's licensed works on Capcom properties are all utterly sublime. On a personal note I have had several heartwarming experiences with their customer service people who couldn't have been any more helpful or accomodating.

  • All Monsters: Capcom Arcade Game Chronology
  • A comprehensive list from a devoted fan of '80s, '90s arcade gaming and much more besides on this great personal site.

  • vendingtimes.comRemember Ken Sei Mogura?
  • Lovely article about Dr. Alan F. Meades restoration of a Ken Sei Mogura unit discovered in Margate's Dreamland amusement park in the UK.

  • vgmuseum.comThe Video Game Museum
  • An enormous undertaking, monumental in scope, vgmuseum has information on just about every console ever made. The 'Arcade Endings' section was very handy for recapping endings in full without having to play the games through, over and over.

  •"The Number 33"
  • Michael Wayne's fascinating account of his search for the impossible-to-find last sticker in his highly rare Warrior's Dreams sticker album. I hope you manage to find it Mic!!

  • zweifuss.caStreet Fighter III sprites and animations
  • A really tidy website, great interface. Contains animations, sprite sheets and backgrounds for all Third Strike characters.

  • zytor.comStreet Fighter Palette Database
  • Beautiful clean design, a great archive of all the different colour swaps for every 2D Street Fighter.

The following books and comics, all licensed by Capcom, were vital to composing this site. With the possible exception of the American Look and Find title, all are highly recommended for further reading (and Udon's commemorative art book is simply stunning). Some of the mangas are getting harder to find at a sensible price these days; a great pity as they deserve to be read more widely.

  • Look and Find: Street Fighter II
    Rebner, J., et al. (Publications International, Ltd., Illinois, 1994)
  • Marvel Vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works
    Moylan. M., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2012)
  • SF20: The Art of Street Fighter
    Hayashi, M. K., Moylan, M., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2009)
  • SF25: The Art of Street Fighter
    Hayashi, M. K., Moylan, M., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2014)
  • Street Fighter × Tekken Artworks
    Hayashi, M. K., Moylan, M., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2012)
  • Street Fighter × Tekken: Exclusive Comic Book
    Siu-Chong, K., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2012)
  • Street Fighter The Comic: The Ultimate Edition — Complete First Series
    Siu-Chong, K., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2010)
  • Street Fighter II The Comic: The Ultimate Edition — Complete Second & Third Series
    Siu-Chong, K., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2010)
  • Street Fighter II Special Edition [Chun Li Mini-Comic]
    Siu-Chong, K., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2006)
  • Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
    Sakai, T., (Manga Books, London, 1996)
  • Street Fighter II: Volume 1
    Kanzaki, M., (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2008)
  • Street Fighter II: Volume 2
    Kanzaki, M., (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2008)
  • Street Fighter II: Volume 3
    Kanzaki, M., (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2008)
  • Street Fighter III — Ryu Final — Volume 1: Heaven
    Masahiko, N., Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2007)
  • Street Fighter III — Ryu Final — Volume 2: Earth
    Masahiko, N., Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2008)
  • Street Fighter IV: Volume 1 — Wages of Sin
    Siu-Chong, K.,et al. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2014)
  • Street Fighter Alpha: Volume 1
    Masahiko, N., (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2007)
  • Street Fighter Alpha: Volume 2
    Masahiko, N., (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2007)
  • Street Fighter Eternal Challenge
    Kinjo, M., Swadling, M., Youngberg M., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2005)
  • Street Fighter Gaiden 1
    Itou, M., (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2010)
  • Street Fighter Gaiden 2
    Itou, M., (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2010)
  • Street Fighter Legends: Cammy
    Zub, J., (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2017)
  • Street Fighter Legends The Comic: The Ultimate Edition — Complete Sakura, Chun-Li, Ibuki Series
    Siu-Chong, K., Zubkavich, J., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2011)
  • Street Fighter Origins: Akuma
    Sarracini, C., (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2013)
  • Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru! Volume 1
    Masahiko, N. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2007)
  • Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru! Volume 2
    Masahiko, N. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2007)
  • Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia
    Moylan, M. (Udon Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2010)
  • Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia [Updated and Expanded!]
    Moylan, M. (Udon Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2015)
  • Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation
    Siu-Chong, K., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2013)
  • Super Street Fighter Volume 2: Hyper Fighting
    Siu-Chong, K., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Canada, 2015)
  • Super Street Fighter II: Cammy [Gaiden]
    Masahiko, N. (Viz Communications, Inc., U.S.A., 1997)
  • Udon's Art of Capcom
    Ko, E., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2007)
  • Udon's Art of Capcom 2
    Moylan, M., et al. (Udon Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2010)

Despite the diminishing returns, the three animated films are also worth a look, as is the Ties That Bind feature, packaged with special edition copies of Street Fighter IV. Whilst Van Damme's live-action film is a horrible imitation of its source material it is at least a colourful, diverting farce when compared with the ashen, joyless bust that is The Legend of Chun-Li, a film notable for Chris Klein's bewildering portrayal of Charlie Nash. The Street Fighter II V animated television series ran for 29 episodes and divides opinion, then as now.

  • City Hunter
    dir. Jing, W., (Golden Harvest Company, Hong Kong, 1993)
  • Future Cops
    dir. Jing, W., (Golden Harvest Company, Hong Kong, 1993)
  • I Am Street Fighter
    dir. Area 5, (Capcom U.S.A. Inc., U.S.A., 2012)
  • Street Fighter
    dir. de Souza, S. E., (Capcom Entertainment, U.S.A. & Japan, 1994)
  • Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
    dir. Sugii, G., (Capcom Entertainment & Sony Music Entertainment, Japan, 1994)
  • Street Fighter II V
    dir. Sugii, G., (Group TAC, Japan, 1995)
  • Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind
    dir. Kanai, J., (Studio 4°C, Japan, 2009)
  • Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie
    dir. Yamauchi, S., Romersa, J., (Capcom Company & Manga Video, Japan, 1999)
  • Street Fighter Alpha: Generations
    dir. Kuwana, I., (Capcom Company & Manga Video, Japan, 2005)
  • Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
    dir. Bartkowiak, A., (Hyde Park Entertainment & Capcom Company, U.S.A, 2009)
  • Super Street Fighter IV [Juri OVA]
    dir. Kizaki, F, (Gonzo, Japan, 2010)

Since going live I am grateful to the following visitors for their input: Lee van Gundy for the Lexus LS400/Toyota Celsior info, Victor Augusto for pointing out Maki and Rena in the Chun-Li training picture, Darrin Johnson for additional info on Honda/Sodom and Lethel Wilson for reminding me of the Street Fighter reference art for Final Fight: Streetwise. Steven Fusco provided an additional nugget of information on the connection between Fei Long and Bruce Lee's names. Ryukenden provided several corrections and new ideas for entries as well as introducing me to the Polygon article linked to above. Malik Dhmn provided the information about, and screenshots for, the Blanka/Beast Easter-egg in the Marvel crossover games.

Thanks finally to everyone who has written kind words about the site, either to me personally or elsewhere online; it is truly appreciated.

thanks for playing!!

"are you another member of mad gear?!"



HEIGHT: 179 cm

WEIGHT: 72 kg

B/W/H: 108 77 82


"where is jessica!?"

NAME: Cody


HEIGHT: 185 cm

WEIGHT: 80 kg

B/W/H: 139 86 97


"belger! i won't give this city to your evil hands!"

NAME: Haggar


HEIGHT: 202 cm

WEIGHT: 121 kg

B/W/H: --- --- ---


"how can you just walk away now?"

NAME: Jessica


HEIGHT: 165 cm

WEIGHT: 50 kg

B/W/H: 90 58 88


"now let's see who is better suited to be the leader."

NAME: Belger


HEIGHT: --- cm

WEIGHT: --- kg

B/W/H: --- --- ---


"hee hee hee. get lost! mad gear controls this city!"

NAME: Damnd


HEIGHT: 218 cm

WEIGHT: 201 kg

B/W/H: --- --- ---


"lai-giri, kubi-kiri, oni-giri! samurai! bonzai!!"

NAME: Sodom


HEIGHT: 206 cm

WEIGHT: 108 kg

B/W/H: 148 98 103


"you got a problem with a policeman being in mad gear?"

NAME: Edi. E


HEIGHT: 204 cm

WEIGHT: 145 kg

B/W/H: --- --- ---