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Delta RedDelta Red is the name of an anti-terrorist, Special Operations Unit belonging to the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). Cammy becomes a part of Delta Red after she is discovered and 'adopted' by Colonel Keith Wolfman, an instructor for Delta Red pictured on the right (behind Cammy). The other members are Commander W. Watson, the unit's enigmatic leader (not pictured), Lita Luwanda, a mêlée weapons expert (long, blonde hair), George Ginzu, a technology expert (short, with spiky blonde hair) and Matthew McCoy, the team's ranged weapons expert (the hulking figure at the back with the cybernetic eye). A sixth member, introduced in Nakahira's manga, is Lieutenant Hannah, a co-ordinator and a close friend of Cammy's with whom she shares a love of cats. Incidentally, the jelly creature above Ginzu remains a source of mystery. Character profiles written for the promotion of Street Fighter V, known as the Shadaloo Combat Research Initiative, did reveal that his name is Oracle though and he is thought to be an alien! The same document also revealed that there over 3500 members of Delta Red in total.

Paul GaleThe winners of Capcom's 'Be in the Game' competition are visible in the background of the Cruise Ship Stern stage in Street Fighter IV. One of these is Paul Gale, a highly experienced martial artist who recognises the Street Fighter games, Ryu in particular, as playing a significant part in his motivation. He was also honoured in issue #7 of Udon's Street Fighter comic as the '#1 Street Fighter Fan'. Paul has a large presence online and it's clear from his writing and love of the series that his appearance was well deserved indeed. On the left is fellow competition winner James Williams.

Chun-Li And Linn Kurosawa Cameos in SFIIIOn the subject of background appearances, both Chun-Li and Linn Kurosawa, one of the protagonists in Capcom's side-scrolling beat 'em up Alien Vs. Predator (1994) and a cyborg, incidentally, are visible bathing in the far background of Ryu's New Generation and 2nd Impact stage. Eagle-eyed players will also spot a third figure, sat facing Chun-Li. Considering the hair, this could very well be Cammy sans beret; it's certainly too straight to be Tiffany Lords from Rival Schools. Chun-Li, of course, re-appeared as a playable character in 3rd Strike and Cammy in Street Fighter IV. Sadly, for her fans, Linn Kurosawa is yet to be reused as a playable character in any game since her debut.

Makoto And ShunMakoto, the female karateka introduced in 3rd Strike may have been inspired by the Shun character from the Street Fighter Alpha movie. The theory goes that Shun, who claims to be Ryu's younger brother in the film, was to be changed to Makoto, a younger sister, for Third Strike. If ever it was mooted, the idea was ultimately dropped, perhaps to crystallise Ryu's nature as alone and inscrutable. Makoto's backstory is interesting, however: her father Masaru has died and her older brother has left to become a businessman. The family dojo has subsequently fallen into ruin. She pursues Ryu to challenge him and enhance the reputation of the dojo. Substitute the businessman older brother for Ryu, leaving to pursue the life of a wandering warrior, and the story is a reasonable fit.

Victor OrtegaSaturday Night Slam Masters (1993) and its sequels Muscle Bomber Duo: Ultimate Team Battle (1993) and Ring of Destruction: Slammasters II (1994) are wrestling games that take place in the Final Fight/Street Fighter universe and feature Mike Haggar as a playable character. The games are set before Haggar's mayorship of Metro City so pre-date the events of Final Fight. The wrestling organisation invented for Slam Masters is the C.W.A. (Capcom Wrestling Association). This is referred to in Hugo's 2nd Impact ending where he forms a tag-team to compete in the tag tournament: 'Ragnarok Winners' with Gill, 'Beauty and the Beast' with Elena, 'Thunderbolt' with Necro or 'Soul Brothers' with Ryu! In 3rd Strike he forms the H.W.A., the Huge Wrestling Army, in order that he may have regular challengers.

Gunlock ProfileInternationally at least, it has been implied that the Slam Masters character Gunloc is Guile's brother due to his appearance and in-game profile. The profile states his favourite attack as the 'Sonic Fist' and that he is 'Rumoured to be related to a famous Street Fighter'. The rumour persists into the World Warrior Encyclopedia, a book produced by Udon and licensed by Capcom. The relationship is explicitly referred to in Street Fighter: The Movie but until definitively resolved by Capcom the rumour must be viewed with some apprehension; The Movie is certainly not part of the Street Fighter canon:

For years Blade has infiltrated Bison's corrupt organisation, reporting in secret to his brother Guile. Now with Bison destroyed, Blade at last is is free of his deep cover assignment and is able to resume his professional wrestling career as Gunloc.

Jimmy And SamanthaA number of the characters in Street Fighter compete under assumed names. Blanka's real name is Jimmy, as revealed in his Street Fighter II ending. 'Blanka' comes from locals spotting him in the jungle and dubbing him 'Blanco' (Spanish for 'white', presumably he was paler then). His mother is Samantha. C. Viper's real name is unknown; she is known as Crimson Viper to the C.I.A. and Maya to S.I.N. (she is a double-agent). Necro's real-name is Illia and R. Mika's full name is Mika Nanakawa.

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"your missing teeth will remind you of my victory!"

NAME: Cammy

NATION: England

HEIGHT: 164 cm

WEIGHT: 46 kg

B/W/H: 86 57 88