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Guile and FamilyEliza (Ken's wife) and Julia (Guile's wife) are sisters. Julia is the elder of the two and is often referred to as 'Jane' (e.g. in Guile's Street Fighter II endings) as this is her intended name internationally. 'Julia' seems to be displacing it, however, via the Udon comic and affirmed in the World Warrior Encyclopedia. Ken's marriage to Eliza makes Ken and Guile brothers-in-law, of sorts, but the two do not enjoy the warmest relationship. Ken and Eliza's son is named Mel, Guile and Julia's daughter is called Amy (Kris in Japan). Amy is pen-pals with Dhalsim's son Dhatta and the Guile family dog is called Safu, reportedly friends with Shiro from Final Fight's Bay Area (Gamest Mook #77: Street Fighter II')!

Mega Man HadokenMega Man exists in a couple of passing references in Street Fighter, namely in the background of Guy's Alpha 3 stage and written on the left-hand wall of Alex's New Generation stage. The other way around, however, and the references are considerably stronger. Most excitingly, Ryu and Ken's Hadoken and Shoryuken attacks are available as secret items in Mega Man X and Mega Man X2, respectively. In Mega Man X, when the capsule containing the Hadoken is retrieved, Dr. Light appears dressed in a Ryu costume! In Mega Man X4 the boss character Magma Dragoon attacks with Hadoken and Shoryuken and the moves are obtainable once again in X8 via the K. Knuckle and Ultimate Armor power-ups and in Xtreme and Xtreme 2 via the Shotokan capsule.

Chun-Li in Slam MastersChun-Li makes another cameo appearance as a member of the crowd in the background of Saturday Night Slam Masters (1993). Also, a character resembling Ryu is behind her and to our left, but as his headband changes colour depending on the arena (it's green on the picture) and as the same character appears mirrored on the right hand side of the arena the validity of the appearance is dubitable to say the least. The Chun-Li figure, on the other hand, is certain; on the other side of the arena, where we would expect to find her sprite mirrored, another woman is in her place.

Dee JayDespite being the subject of heated feelings among many players, Dee Jay is none the less a quite special character in the Street Fighter series; he is to date the only character to be created by Capcom USA. All the others, without exception, are Japanese creations. His inclusion in Super has an interesting history. Initially, Capcom planned to use a Fei Long headswap for the fourth New Challenger but James Goddard, part of an R&D support group, contested the sketches and pitched a new and distinct character. His design, modelled on Tae Bo instructor Billy Blanks, was well received and so, after the names Mantis and JJ Bam were rejected, the kick boxer made the cut as 'Dee Jay', a spin off of James Goddard's pen name, DJames.

WonderSwan HandheldSakura is caught by Ken playing Pocket Fighter in hospital on the Bandai WonderSwan handheld in Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie. The console is largely unknown outside of Japan as it was never released internationally. The appearance in Alpha: The Movie is a flagrant piece of product placement; Capcom had an interest in the success of the WonderSwan as they, along with Squaresoft, had given it a lot of support. The match Sakura is playing is Ibuki versus Chun-Li.

Bust of HaggarCaptain Commando, a 1991 side-scrolling beat 'em up, is set in 'Neo' Metro City, 2026. The game's map shares locations with Final Fight and is clearly intended to be the same city in a dystopian future. Vicariously, this makes Captain Commando a part of the Street Fighter universe! A wink to the city's past is given in the form of a bust of Mayor Haggar in the Circus Camp stage, worth 5000 points if collected. Coincidentally, Scumocide, the game's final boss, has an ice side that fires freezing projectiles and a fire side that fires burning projectiles, identical with Street Fighter III's Gill.

Birdie's SF StageBesides the Bill Cravens grafitti, Birdie's Street Fighter stage is also host to a few other references. The Blockheads were a new wave band from London fronted by Ian Drury (1942–2000). To the left of the pub that bears their name is a billboard displaying a poster for the band. Next to this is a poster for the Velvet Underground & Nico, an experimental, art-rock album released in 1967 under the management of Andy Warhol (whose signature you can just about make out). Ristorante Donnaloia is an expensive Italian restaurant in Kobe, Japan. Finally there is the Lonsdale factory in the far background. The brand was founded in Soho, London and is named after Hugh Cecil Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale who was instrumental in organising the modern sport of boxing.

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"your problem is you don't have any rhythm!"

NAME: Dee Jay

NATION: Jamaica

HEIGHT: 184 cm

WEIGHT: 92 kg

B/W/H: 130 89 94