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Biff SlamkovichIt is understood that the C.W.A wrestler Biff Slamkovich (Aleksey Zalazof in Japan) from Saturday Night Slam Masters is an acquaintance (and possibly training partner) of Street Fighter's Zangief. He declares upon losing a bout, 'Comrade Zangief was right! You all fight cheap!' In the Japanese version it is explained that Biff, along with Gunloc, trained under Haggar. When working as a tag-team, Biff and Gunloc are known as The Hyper Cannons, a partnership that is referred to in Hugo's 2nd Impact ending.

Fraser Bala CastleCammy's stage in Super takes place at Fraser Bala Castle (Eiga Street Fighter II Memorial Koushiki Fanbook) and the bridge that the fight takes place on is only one metre wide! The lights in the sky were initially assumed to be Aurora Borealis, which would mean that the announcer saying the fight is in England is mistaken (as Aurora Borealis is only visible from Scotland in the United Kingdom). However, it was revealed that the lights are infact an artificial illumination created to camoflage the mansion in the valley: the intelligence department's headquarters.... Whatever the explanation, it's one of my favourite backgrounds with a cool theme to boot.

Chun-Li in Breath of FireChun-Li makes a cameo appearance in Capcom's 1993 RPG, Breath of Fire. To see it, enter Bleak at night talk to the thief in the building at the back on the left hand side of the town. Pay to see his trick, answer no twice, then yes and you'll see Chun-Li performing her lightning kick! In Breath of Fire III (1997) Chun-Li and Sakura are both visible (briefly) in the crowd during the final fight at the Contest of Champions; Sakura is on the lower left as Ryu enters and Chun-Li is on the upper-deck on the right as Garr appears. Perhaps they both mistook Breath of Fire's Ryu for Street Fighter's Ryu!

Ryu in VarthRyu has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Easter-egg appearance in Varth: Operation Thunderstorm, a vertical scrolling shooter released for arcades in 1992. In the fourth level, by a section of grass and pipes on the Satellite's lower-right section, Ryu will appear and perform a Shoryuken, complete with voice sample. Continuing to fire on Ryu until he disappears yields a large amount of power-ups. Also, during the game's credit roll, (if certain conditions are met) when the words 'Presented by Capcom / The End' appear nine Ryus in the shape of the letter 'V' materialise and shout 'Shoryuken' in synchronisation.

Guy Doll in Final Fight 2Although Guy isn't playable in Final Fight 2 (he is away on training) it is his girlfriend Rena and her father Genryusai that have been kidnapped by the reformed Mad Gear gang. He does make a cameo appearance, however, in the form of a doll worth an extra life to the player, and is seen properly in the game's ending sequence. Maki, who is Rena's younger sister and Genryusai's daughter, makes her debut in this game. Along with Haggar and Carlos Miyamoto, she travels across Eurasia to rescue her family from Mad Gear's new leader, Retu. Like Guy, Maki is a Bushin-ryu fighter and believes that she should be the 39th master of the art and not him.

EagleEagle is heavily implied to be homosexual as of Capcom Vs. SNK 2 due to his win quotes in the Japanese version (pitifully censored internationally). His design, initially based on the bodyguard character in Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury, has become a tribute to Queen's Freddie Mercury. Hints of his orientation existed previously (including internationally) in Alpha 3 where he remarks to Yun, 'You're a little young for me' and to Guy, 'What a guy you are... Indeed!' The World Warrior Encylopedia gives only a knowing allusion:

Being a bouncer is more than just a side-job for Eagle, as he loves dancing and the night club scene.

Lest an impression be left that he is a cream puff, it should also be pointed out that Eagle is a cold-hearted fighter who has reportedly killed opponents in his past. He is also one of the first (and remains one of the few) characters in Street Fighter to use a weapons-based martial art, bōjutsu.

The 500 Trillion PowersBirdie and fellow Brit Titanic Tim (from Slam Masters and known as Titan the Great in Japan) used to be tag-team partners and rivals, assumably in the C.W.A., going by the name of The 500 Trillion Powers. This is a play on the 'Mega Powers' name used by the real-life tag-team of Hulk Hogan and 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, formed in 1987 and continuing until 1989 ('The Mega-Powers Explode!') Official art of the two together is extremely uncommon. Birdie left the world of professional wrestling for greater competition in the streets and became a bouncer before being hired by Shadaloo. Titanic Tim is enormous, by the way, his height is given as 7ft 9in and his weight as 432 lbs in Saturday Night Slam Masters.

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"handsome fighters never lose a battle!"

NAME: Vega


HEIGHT: 186 cm

WEIGHT: 72 kg

B/W/H: 121 73 83