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Ken and Chun-Li in Perfect KOChun-Li and Ken were both playable characters in the Korean MMO Perfect KO, a fighting game notable for its 3 vs. 3 player match-ups. This must be regarded as one of the most obscure games to feature characters licensed from the Street Fighter series as the registration process effectively required Korean citizenship to qualify. Despite attempts by overseas players to gain access, the real-time MMO never got an international release. Very few players outside of Korea, therefore, had ever heard of Perfect KO, let alone played it for themselves. The game, published by Neowiz and developed by Thingsoft, went online in November 2007 but became inactive several years later.

CandyRufus's girlfriend is named Candy. In his win quote to Rose in Street Fighter IV he explains how the couple met: 'Iíll never forget when I first met my girl. It was a rainy day in October and I was on my way home from a fight. Suddenly, this chick came outta nowhere aní was all like 'Help!' I guess she pulled a dine aní dash, so I beat up the waiter that was chasiní her!' It is Candy's suggestion that he enter the tournament, to defeat Ken Masters and prove he is the #1 American fighter.

Hsien-Ko Performing Her Item TossHsien-Ko's item toss move in the Darkstalkers sequels Nightwarriors and Vampire Saviour includes a few random objects from the world of Street Fighter. In amongst the axes, hammers, daggers, stars, bonsai trees and boomerangs, watch out for Chun-Li's spiked bracelets, Vega's claw and an Akuma doll! Hsien-Ko also throws kunai; knives popularly associated with ninja. These are used by both Ibuki and Guy in later games. A little more on the item toss move: if thrown with a light punch the items are thrown with a low arc, a medium punch gives a high arc and a heavy punch tosses the item vertically. Note that a light punch item toss will never generate a dizzy/stun item (boulder, star, mallet....)

The SonSon StoreSonSon is the name of the second Capcom arcade game (1984), loosely based on the Chinese epic Journey to the West (Ming Dynasty, c. 1590). The name resurfaced in Warriors' Dreams where it is the name of a twenty-four hour convenience store visible in Ryu and Guy's stages. This is also a pun on the Japanese 'Lawson' chain of stores, the appearance of which is virtually identical to the shop in the game. Note also the similarity between the depiction of the Great Wall on the SonSon box-art and the location in Chun-Li's Warriors' Dreams stage. Eagle-eyed players will also notice that there is a Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie poster on the right-hand window of the shop. If it seems uncertain at first the resemblance is much clearer when shown next to the original poster.

Street Fighter II PachinkoPachinko machines and parlors are widespread in Japan and the games can best be summarised as a kind of pinball where the object is to try and get metal balls to fall into pockets so as to release more balls (as a jackpot). Due to gambling laws these balls cannot be exchanged for cash prizes directly so an illicit trade exists outside the parlor. It appears that there were three different Street Fighter II pachinko machines created. They are defined by the acronyms CR, GP and DX and all were manufactured by Sankyo. The first two were released in December 2000, the DX version in January 2001. The physical machines were simulated and bundled for release on Playstation (in Japan only) as part of the Fever4 Sankyo Official Pachinko Simulation title. As with Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo the videogame featured chibi versions of the Street Fighter characters performing their trademark moves.

Chun-Li Skin in We Love GolfBefore announcing Street Fighter IV Capcom appeared to be testing the waters by including downloadable/unlockable skins of Street Fighter characters in several of their other titles. Most colourfully, perhaps, are the skins available for We Love Golf, a Wii only title released in 2007. Costumes of Ryu, Chun-Li, Rose and Sakura are all unlocked when conditions are met and, exclusive to international versions, a Ken Masters skin designed for the character Mark. As Capcom themselves pointed out, this is the first African-American incarnation of Ken!

Blanka in Flock!Perhaps to broaden the appeal of an understated puzzle game, Blanka is included as an unlockable 'shepherd' in 2009's Flock! Taking its cues from Lemmings and, more recently, Pikmin the object of Flock! is to herd animals (sheep, cows, chickens, and pigs) safely back to the mothership. This is made increasingly challenging by numerous obstacles and hazards that the player must navigate around and defend their herd against. Flock! was developed by Proper Games, based in Dundee, Scotland and published by Capcom for Windows, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Proper Games would later emulate Final Fight and Magic Sword for the well-received PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade title Final Fight: Double Impact (2010).

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HEIGHT: 182 cm

WEIGHT: 80 kg

B/W/H: 129 85 91