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Car Break Bonus StageThe 'car break' bonus stage featured in Street Fighter II is copied almost exactly from Final Fight. In the latter your character's motivation to destroy the car is that it belongs to Bred, a Mad-Gear thug. Interestingly, the bonus game was reprised in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike with an SUV replacing the car, this time mirroring Final Fight 2 instead. Super Street Fighter IV reverted back to the original source, this time paying homage to Final Fight even more directly, to the extent that it even includes Bred wandering into the scene and doing his 'Oh! My car!!' line (if playing as Guy or Cody). One final note, the car featured in Final Fight and Street Fighter II is a first generation Lexus LS400 (Toyota Celsior in Japan): amazing!

KabukiE. Honda strongly resembles Kabuki, a sumo wrestler character in Nintendo's 1985 arcade game Armwrestling. Both characters have their faces painted in the kumadori style worn in kabuki theatre. The likeness could just be pure coincidence but, whatever the explanation, it's a striking resemblance. Interestingly, red stripes denote a powerful hero character which would seem to fit with E. Honda's personality and motivation.

Cammy in Final Fight: StreetwiseIn a move that bucked the one-way trend for Final Fight characters to cross-over into Street Fighter games, Cammy appears as one of the underground pitfighters who challenge Kyle Travers in Final Fight: Streetwise (2006). In this 'non-canon' game developed by Studio 8 Cammy also has a brand of lager named after (shown on advertising hoardings) with the tagline: Get Cannon-Spiked! Additional nods to Street Fighter can be found in posters advertising bouts between Balrog and Dudley and Rolento versus Sagat. The Balrog—Dudley match-up, pitting brutal prizefighter against gentleman pugilist, was one that had existed in fans' imaginations ever since Dudley made his debut in 1997's Street Fighter III. It finally became possible in Super Street Fighter IV (2010).

Street Fighter IntroDuring the intro to Street Fighter the words graffiti'd on the wall are all names of Capcom arcade games. From the top: [Legendary] Wings (1986), Section Z (1985), Avengers (1987), Trojan (1986) and Commando (1985). The fighter who punches through the wall to display the Street Fighter logo on the back of his jacket is none other than Joe and this sequence was referenced in the opening to Super IV when Cody does the exact same thing to a similarly graffiti'd wall.

Original Colour Trick in SSFIITMuch to the annoyance of players who prefer the classic colour schemes for their favourite fighters Super Street Fighter II: Turbo only allows this by entering a code on character select. The downside of using the code is that your character is quite literally their original version, meaning his or her super move is disabled which (arguably) puts you at an immediate disadvantage against a notoriously difficult CPU. However, a glitch in the code was discovered that allows the player to use the original colours and keep their super move! Here's how:

  1. Choose an original version of a character (i.e. select Ryu with →, →, →, ←, LP).
  2. Lose to whichever CPU character you are pitted against.
  3. Have P2 join in on the continue screen.
  4. When the character select screen appears, press start on P1, don't move the cursor.
  5. Wait until the timer runs out so that the character is automatically selected.
  6. Your character will still be wearing the original colours but will now have his or her super move enabled.

Fei Long CameoFei Long is visible minding his own business in the background of Dan's Street Fighter Alpha 2 stage. After debuting in Super Street Fighter II Fei Long did not return as a playable character until home versions of Alpha 3. The character is, of course, a pastiche of (or homage to) real-life Jeet Kune Do expert and film star Bruce Lee. His nationality, physical appearance, battle cries, moveset and backstory all pay tribute to the iconic actor. His name, Fei Long, usually translated as 'Flying Dragon' is itself a nod to Lee's Chinese screen name of Li Xiaolong, meaning 'Little Dragon'.

Street Fighter EXThe nineteen new characters created for the spin-off series Street Fighter EX, the first games in the series to experiment with 3d graphics, were created by developer Arika. As such they don't belong to Capcom and have not featured in any canonical games in the series. The Arika characters are: Ace, Allen Snider, Area, Blair Dame, Cracker Jack, Cycloid β, Cycloid γ, Darun Mister, Doctrine Dark, Garuda, Hayate, Hokuto, Kairi, Nanase, Pullum Purna, Sharon, Shadowgeist, Skullomania and Vulcano Rosso.

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"i'm the strongest woman in the world!"

NAME: Chun-Li


HEIGHT: 169 cm

WEIGHT: --- kg

B/W/H: 88 58 90