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Small AirfieldBalrog is visible in the door of the enormous S.I.N. plane that lands in Street Fighter IV's Small Airfield stage and can be seen raising his fist (if the match lasts long enough). In the event that Balrog is participating in the match then Vega appears in the door instead. In the unlikely event that the match is fought between Balrog and Vega then M. Bison himself appears in the doorway—Sagat having no ties with the Shadaloo / S.I.N. organisations by this point in the series' plot.

Mega Man 9 NewsreaderA doppelganger of Chun-Li appears as a news-reader in the introduction to Mega Man 9 (2008). This characterisation of Chun-Li is perhaps a tongue-in-cheek reference to the live-action Street Fighter film in which 'Chun-Li Zang' is depicted as a news reporter rather than an undercover Interpol agent (as per the series' canon). The misconception of Chun-Li as a reporter is directly referenced in one of her win quotes in Third Strike. Setting the record straight Chun-Li remarks:

Hey, leave me alone! I'm a fighter, not a news reporter!

Despite being released on seventh generation hardware, Mega Man 9 is a throwback to the much-loved 8-bit era of the franchise, featuring graphics and sound reminiscent of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

SenohThe Shadaloo scientist visible in M. Bison's Alpha 2 ending is named Senoh. This background character was lifted verbatim from the first animated movie, Street Fighter II, where he is depicted as senior among Bison's scientists working on the organisation's various mind-control programmes. Senoh converses directly with Bison on a number of occasions but is treated with a fair amount of contempt by the dictator.

Victory symbols in Alpha 2Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha has a plethora of different victory symbols (shown beneath the victor's life bar at the conclusion of a round) but which is shown depends upon how the round was won. The symbols are as follows:

  • 'V' - Victory achieved with a regular attack.
  • 'S' - Victory achieved with a 'special' attack.
  • 'Z' - Victory achieved with a 'Zero Counter' ("A" for 'Alpha Counter' internationally).
  • Lightning - Victory achieved with a 'Super' attack (with one to three stars accompanying depending on strength of attack).
  • Lasso - Victory achieved with a throw.
  • Cherry - Victory achieved with a light kick or light punch.
  • Cheese - Victory achieved via 'chip damage' (with an 'S' or a star to indicate a 'special' or 'super' move finish)
  • Hourglass - Victory achieved by having more health than opponent when the timer runs out.
  • Custom Combo - Each character has a unique symbol displayed when victory is achieved by Custom Combo.
  • 'Ten' symbol - Akuma only; victory achieved via Shun Goku Satsu.
  • Mobi-chan - Victory achieved by an attacking taunt. This can only be performed by Akuma, Birdie, Chun-Li, Rolento, Sakura and Sodom.

Additionally, a letter 'P' is displayed next to each of these symbols (except for Mobi-chan) if a perfect victory was achieved. Click the image to see them all, including all Custom Combo icons.

Chun-Li's classic costume in AlphaOften overlooked, Chun-Li's classic (Street Fighter II) outfit is selectable in both Alpha 2 and Alpha 3. To select in Alpha 2 simply place the cursor over Chun-Li, hold down START for five complete seconds and then select. In Alpha 3 the costume isn't hidden but automatically selected whenever the player combines Chun-Li with the 'X-ism' style. As most players (at least casually) choose the 'A-ism' style this Easter-egg is easily missed.

Tiger LCDOf all the conversions of Street Fighter II the most downgraded is surely the Tiger Electronics LCD handheld (which is nevertheless collectable). The game's six characters (Guile, Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Blanka, E. Honda) are each bastardised in liquid-crystal pixels and, beyond the name and artwork, there is really nothing in common between this and any of the console ports, let alone the arcade original. There also exists a Super Street Fighter II sequel (featuring Guile, Cammy, Fei Long, Dee Jay, T. Hawk and Ken) and, even more obscure, a game watch (also by Tiger) which appears to include only Guile and Blanka as playable characters.

Final Fight introAlterations made to the introductory sequence of Final Fight CD for the Sega Mega CD are among a number of changes made for international versions of the game to avoid upsetting pressure groups. In the Japanese version, the revamped intro has Jessica stripped to her underwear, more or less implying sexual assualt (or the threat thereof) whereas internationally she is shown wearing a red dress. Additionally, as per the original SNES ports of Final Fight, Sodom was renamed Kitana, Damnd was renamed Thrasher and the traces of blood from weapon attacks were removed. Unlike the Nintendo version, however, Poison and Roxy were included albeit with less revealing clothing than their counterparts in Japan.

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