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Street Fighter PachisloAlongside the Street Fighter II pachinko machines, there also exists a Street Fighter II branded pachislo machine, manufactured by Aristocrat. Japan has a younger history of slot-machines than America and their pachislo slots have a number of notable differences from those found in Las Vegas. First among these is the use of a 'skilled stop' (rather than having the reels stop automatically). Characters featured on the machine and in the game are Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, E. Honda, Dhalsim, Blanka, Zangief, Sagat and M. Bison.

Street Fighter skins in OnimushaFollowing on from the costumes featured in Crimson Tears (see previous page), in 2006 Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams continued the trend by featuring Street Fighter 'skins' for each of the game's protagonists: Jubei wears Cammy's Delta Red outfit, Ohatsu wears Chun-Li's qipao, Roberto wears Guile's uniform, Sōki wears a version of Ryu's traditional white gi and Tenkai wears Ken's classic red gi.

Steven Speilberg look-alikeThe film director visible in Fei Long's Super Street Fighter II Turbo ending is the spitting image of Steven Speilberg. The ending is also notable for paying tribute to Bruce and Brandon Lee: 'There could never be another legend like the great one and his son! I will honor their memory by training harder for the real fight....' The name of the film directed by Fei Long and mentioned in Street Fighter IV is Street King 2. The premiere of another film, The Hong Kong Connection, is mentioned by Yun in issue number four of Udon's Street Fighter II comic series. In issue three of Street Fighter II Turbo, film posters for Way of the Nunchuck, The Huge Boss, Gameshow of Death and The Shanghai Connection are all visible in the background; all of which are parodies of actual Bruce Lee films: The Way of the Dragon, The Big Boss, Game of Death and The Chinese Connection (a.k.a. Fist of Fury) respectively. Fei Long is also pictured here dressed as Kato from The Green Hornet, a role Lee played on television in the '60s, flogging the homage to a ludicrous standard.

'Fujinoyama'E. Honda's shikona (or stage name when Sumo wrestling) is revealed to be 'Fujinoyama' in Sodom's Alpha 2 ending. In this sequence, Sodom travels to Japan to find worthy allies to join a reformed Mad Gear. Reckoning that Sumo Wrestlers are the strongest fighters in Japan, Sodom enters a Sumo competition at a venue described (doubtfully) as 'The Old Coke Factory??' where he comes face to face with a wrestler, unmistakably E. Honda, but announced as 'Fujinoyama' (i.e. Mount Fuji). The match is referenced in Honda's Alpha 3 encounter with Sodom and the dialogue there hints that Honda won their first bout, needless to say he never joined Mad Gear:

Sodom: What the...! Hey!! Do you remember me?!
E.Honda: You're the one who volunteered to fight at that Senshuraku!* Have you improved since then? Want to try your Tsuppari on me?
Sodom: DOSUKOI!! Uhh... I mean GO FOR IT!!

* The last day of a fifteen day sumo tournament. Tsuppari is a thrusting open-handed strike about the upper chest and face.

'Mobi-Chan'The mode-select cursors used for the menus in the SNES ports of World Warrior and Turbo are taken from Capcom's classic arcade shooter Side Arms: Hyper Dyne (1986). The character used as an icon in World Warrior (and when selecting 'Normal' mode in Turbo) is a chibi version of Lieutenant Henry wearing Mobilsuit α (alpha), a character affectionately known around Capcom as 'Mobi-chan' and a company mascot of sorts. When selecting 'Turbo' mode in Street Fighter II: Turbo, the icon used is Sergeant Sanders in Mobilsuit β (beta). Finally, the symbol used when selecting the 'Option' menu in Turbo is the 'Yashichi', a trademark shuriken-like emblem found in many Capcom games and a power-up in Side Arms. Mobi-chan appears again as the saving icon for Street Fighter Collection for the Playstation, a victory symbol in Zero 2 Alpha (below) and upon start-up of the arcade version of Third Strike. Additionally, the following page contains a highly unusual Mobi-chan / Ryu and Ken Easter-egg.

Crimson Tears costumesStreet Fighter themed costumes exist for Capcom's sci-fi beat 'em up Crimson Tears released in 2004 for Playstation 2. The costumes are: Chun-Li, Guile, Ryu and Sakura and are obtained by completing quests for the so-called Mysterious, Pretty and Firm Cloths (after first completing the game). In addition to the Street Fighter costumes, the Darkstalkers series of games are also represented by costumes for Morrigan, Lilith and Dimitri.

Cammy sneezing in Street Fighter IVIf you leave Cammy idle for long enough in Street Fighter IV she will eventually sneeze and wipe her nose! As with all idle animations this is easiest to demonstrate in the Training Room. In Japanese folklore, a sneeze without an obvious cause is perceived as a sign that someone is talking about the person sneezing at that very moment. Moreover, one sneeze in isolation indicates that something good is being said, two sneezes something bad and three in a row that someone is in love with the person sneezing!

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"i don't think you'd last long at all if you were in my village..."

NAME: Ibuki


HEIGHT: 162 cm

WEIGHT: 46 kg

B/W/H: 95 57 90


"is she gonna make it master?"

NAME: Homura Yuta


HEIGHT: 167 cm

WEIGHT: 63 kg

B/W/H: --- --- ---