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Guile in background of Warrior's Dreams' stageCharlie's Warrior's Dreams stage features a number of cameos, unseen by most players. On the left, stood at the foot of the stairs to the 'Mr. Peach' bar, is a character resembling a young Guile. As with his Final Fight 2 cameo, Guile's appearance here isn't definitive but his presence would make sense considering his friendship to Charlie. Perhaps less contentiously on Guile's left is a young couple who bear an unmistakable resemblance to Final Fight's Cody and Jessica. In Alpha 2 they are still together (see Guy's stage) but by Alpha 3 they are a couple no more, sadly.

Houmei and ShaomeiHoumei and Shaomei are two young sisters from Hong Kong and are friends of Yun and Yang. Houmei first appeared in the brothers' ending in New Generation, where she is seen attending her father's vegetable stand (named 'Shoryuken'), while Shaomei first appears in Yang's 2nd Impact ending. Their relationships with the Lee brothers are made complicated by the fact that Yang has a crush on Hoimei but Hoimei has feelings for Yun and Shaomei has a small crush on Yang.... Houmei is the elder of the sisters and is said to like childish people and dislike rogues. Shaomei apparently likes chihuahuas and dislikes tomatoes. Well fancy that.

Street Fighter II boardgameOf all the Street Fighter II merchandise one of the more collectable and fun pieces is surely the board game produced by Milton Bradley in 1994. The game is played by moving pawns of the eight original World Warriors (plus the four bosses) around a cityscape board embellished with buildings and scenery constructed from fold-out cardboard. As the box description points out, this characteristic gameboard 'doubles as an awesome combat zone for your own Street Fighter action figures!' Street Fighter II is by no means the only video game to be turned into a traditional board game; arcade classics such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede and even Tetris have been given the cardboard conversion.

Street Fighter Easter-eggs in Little Big PlanetA player's Sackboy or Sackgirl can be customised in 2008's LittleBigPlanet (Media Molecule) to resemble either Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief or Ryu, under licence from Capcom. The Street Fighter skins were made available in the form of a downloadable content pack in December 2008 and could also be purchased separately. The hugely popular platform game, which places a strong emphasis on user-generated content, also features customisations based on a wealth of other franchises, including Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog and Assassin's Creed.

Evil RyuThe Street Fighter IV design of Evil Ryu depicts him with an unmissably enormous hole in his chest. To lay to rest any misunderstanding, the origins of this violent detail are found in volume 2 of Masahiko Nakahira's Ryu Final manga in which Ryu impales himself on Akuma's fist to avoid his Shun Goku Satsu and counter with a devastating Hadoken. Capcom chose to pay tribute to the author, creator of the Evil Ryu character, by including this detail in Arcade Edition.

Twelve's SFIII binary quotesBesides a few utterances ('Target', 'Finish', 'Victory' and 'Complete') and heavily distorted mimicry of a copied character's battle cries, Twelve's ability to communicate is seemingly limited to binary cypher. Consequently, his Third Strike win quotes are all spelled out in ones and zeroes, reflecting his status as a cybernetic organism. An exception to this is his pre-fight dialogue with Necro; 'Your body is full of dangerous, confidential information. Knowledge of your existence can never be allowed into the world'. Translated, his win quotes read:

01011.01111 — K.O.

01011.01001.01100.01100 — KILL

10000.00001.01001.01110 — PAIN

00101.01101.00001.01111 — EMAO

00100.00101.00001.10100.01000 — DEATH

00101.11010.01010.01111.00010 — EZ JOB

00110.01001.01110.01001.10011.01000 — FINISH

10100.01000.00101.00101.01110.00100 — THE END

10100.10111.00101.01100.10110.00101 — TWELVE

An interesting detail was added to the Online Edition console ports of Third Strike in which Twelve also spells out the word 'DAD' upon defeating Urien, his creator.

Beta version of SNES Cammy in Mexican magazineRare images exist of a beta version of Cammy for the SNES port of Super that appear to show her wearing leggings. The scans, from Mexican Club Nintendo, depict Cammy wearing a dark blue outfit (rather than her traditional green Delta Red leotard) with additional Lycra covering her thighs. Of course, this version of her costume wasn't used in the final version, either internationally or otherwise, but it does suggest that Nintendo strongly considered censoring Cammy's appearance, a move that would have been in line with the company's strict policy against anything especially risqué. Cf, Wreck it Ralph where Disney did something similar (Vol. III, page four for more on that).

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"the pain sensitivity of the flesh varies. where does it hurt the most?"

NAME: Necro

NATION: Russia

HEIGHT: 174 cm

WEIGHT: 60 kg

B/W/H: --- --- ---


"ohh, poor illia!"

NAME: Effie


HEIGHT: 152 cm

WEIGHT: 40 kg

B/W/H: --- --- ---