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Ortho K. GotchThe name of Dudley's butler is Ortho K. Gotch (sometimes Orth K. Gotchi or just Mr. Gotch). He is the archetypal English butler and appears in Dudley's Third Strike ending as well as his prologue and ending in Super IV. Very little is known about his background, suffice to say that he is a longtime servant of Dudley's family, having served his father before him, and he diligently tends to the gentleman boxer's needs, particularly serving him afternoon tea it seems; one of Dudley's Street Fighter III win poses has Mr. Gotch airlifted in carrying a tray of tea!

Gill's endingsGill was not a playable character in any arcade version of Street Fighter III but he was unlockable in console versions of the series (Double Impact being a compilation of New Generation and 2nd Impact [exclusive to Dreamcast] and Third Strike being released for both Dreamcast and PlayStation 2). As a playable character he received endings in the home ports, less well documented due to their exclusivity. In Double Impact, Gill's ending depicted a full body picture of him with the following text:

When the sun sets on Soliton Mountain, the black moon will break into seven pieces and fall on the people of 'Ultania'. Nothing can prevent this.... Death and destruction will violate the land. Misery and suffering will assault the people.... Then, after 130 days of nothingness, a boy who controls the elements will come to save the people.
— From the Book of Miraha Chapter 3: Verse 11

Gill's Third Strike ending refers back to this text and reveals him fulfilling the prophecy of the Illuminati, parting the ocean and leading his followers (including the Street Fighters) to paradise.

BelgerBelger famously utilised an electric wheelchair (despite being able-bodied) in Final Fight to dissuade would-be attackers but this was edited in the international SNES ports to have four wheels underneath the chair, presumably as censors felt uncomfortable about attacking somebody in a conventional-looking wheelchair, able-bodied or not. This change remains in the largely repaired port to Gameboy Advance: Final Fight One. Hilariously, considering their fanatacism, the censors did however miss the fact that it clearly says 'DICK' on some of the doors in the slum section of Metro City (and, indeed, 'FUK' on some of the park benches in the second stage of Final Fight 3). Belger's brother, known as Father Bella/Father Belger, is the antagonist of 2006's Final Fight: Streetwise, where he seeks revenge on Cody for defenestrating Belger at the conclusion of Final Fight.

Arukas StoreReferences to Street Fighter in Capcom's Resident Evil series (and vice-versa) are highly uncommon. Considering the very different tones and realities that each series possesses this is understandable and probably for the best. However, one subtle reference to Street Fighter can be gleaned during Resident Evil 2. Located just off Ennerdale Street is a clothing store named Arukas (with an awning that reads 'Yours Truly'). Written backwards, Arukas does of course spell 'Sakura', the name of Street Fighter's fourth female protagonist (following Chun-Li, Cammy and Rose).

Capcom World 2Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2 (1992, exclusive to Japan) is an arcade machine 'board game' featuring numerous cameos from the parade of Capcom characters, each prepared to pose the player a question. Relating the the Street Fighter universe, the following characters may appear: Abigail (Final Fight enemy), Blanka, Chun-Li, Cody, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Edi. E., Guile, Guy, Haggar, Ken, Poison, Rolento, Ryu, Sodom and Zangief. Capcom World 2 is in fact the second sequel to 1989's Adventure Quiz: Capcom World following 1990's Adventure Quiz 2: Hatena no Daibōken.

Chun-Li's civilian clothesA brilliant reference to Chun-Li's CPS-1 ending (World Warrior, Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting) occurs in her prologue animation for Street Fighter IV. Paying homage to the earliest versions of Street Fighter II Chun-Li can be seen wearing the exact same outfit as she wore in her first ever ending: 'Finally, you can rest in peace... and I can get back to being a young single girl.' This reference is not present in Super IV or any subsequent iterations as the character prologues were changed for the revisions.

American Animated TV seriesStreet Fighter was an American-made, animated television series than ran for two series (26 episodes) from October 1995 to May 1997. Unlike the Japanese anime incarnations (The Animated Movie, Street Fighter II V, et cetera) this series is singularly aimed at children and focuses on 'Colonel William Guile'—an interpretation which distills Guile into the classic All-American hero—and his attempts to bring down the Shadaloo organisation with the help of the other Street Fighters. In-keeping with the slant that originated in the 1994 live-action movie and resonant of Cold War myopia, Russian wrestler Zangief is cast as a Shadaloo lackey rather than a member of the peacekeeping 'Street Fighter' force. Also of note is the criminal character Satin Hammer, a cyborg with a dying body and unique to this telling of events.

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