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R. Mika on El Fuerte's apronWrestlers in the Street Fighter universe seem to exhibit a highly close-knit community. Just as Rainbow Mika is a devotee of 'The Red Cyclone' Zangief (who is a rival of Haggar), the luchador El Fuerte is an unabashed admirer of Rainbow Mika, as evidenced by her likeness adorning his cooking attire in the Udon Street Fighter IV mini-series. A close inspection of Fuerte's restaurant in Mexico reveals all kinds of R. Mika paraphenalia; poster, lunchbox, mug, mask, postcard, figurine, portrait.... As a side-note, Rainbow Mika's trainer is named Harmageddon Yoko, she can be seen riding her scooter in some of Mika's win poses in Alpha 3. The World Warrior Encyclopedia has it that she is a former professional wrestler herself but was forced to retire due to back injury; a non-too-subtle reference to her bosom. With the second largest chest measurement of all the female Street Fighters (at 97 centimetres to C. Viper's 98) it may be that Rainbow Mika will also suffer an early retirement!

ZekuGuy's Alpha 2 ending implies that he kills Zeku, his master and the thirty-eighth Bushin-ryu master to establish himself as thirty-ninth master of the Bushin-ryu style (there can only ever be one in the world at any given time). Whilst the current Bushin-ryu master does not need to be killed in order to be succeeded (Zeku evidently succeeded Maki's father Genryusai peacefully) Guy and Zeku are prepared to fight to the death to determine who is the worthiest. Despite being stated in All About Capcom Fighting Games this important detail is wholly missing from Udon's World Warrior Encyclopedia which simply states that Zeku tells Guy to 'Overcome all' before Guy leaves to train in America, and then disappears without a trace. Profiles written for Street Fighter V expanded on Bushin-ryu further; 'While Genryusai's Bushin Ryu focuses mainly on ninpo techniques, Zeku decided to take a variety of hand to hand combat attacks and elevated them to the point where they were used in practical situations.'

Lott's roomPerhaps the most opaque reference to Street Fighter in the Resident Evil series occurs in Resident Evil Survivor (Playstation, 2000). If you look around Lott's room you will notice a Street Fighter poster (in the style of Shukō Murase's character designs for the first animated movie). Ryu, Chun-Li and Cammy are easily recognisable, T. Hawk is in the bottom right, Dee Jay is possibly in the top-left corner and Fei Long is probably the character on the left next to Cammy.

M. Bison cameo appearanceM. Bison has a cameo appearance in the game room of the Japan-only title Nazo Waku Yakata, a 3DS game that utilises all of the console's modes of input. In the mini-game Street Fighter Nazo Waku Edition (!) you must defeat the Shadaloo dictator by using voice-based commands (via the console's microphone) to attack. Nazo Waku Yakata has drawn comparisons with Nintendo's WarioWare series for its use of mini-games and unusual inputs to progress from room to room but has largely gone unnoticed outside of Japan.

Street Fighter II VA second animated television series of Street Fighter was created by the Japanese studio, Group TAC and first aired in 1995. Unlike the American cartoon, Street Fighter II V ('two vee') is aimed at a more mature audience and shares an art-style with The Animated Movie; both were directed by Gisaburō Sugii. The programme is a loose adaptation of the Street Fighter II series, taking liberties with the established storyline and a number of its characters. Cammy, in particular, is markedly different from her canonical version, portrayed here as a devout Roman Catholic assassin, dressed all in black and with a crucifix on a choker. In common with the American cartoon and the live-action film, II V puts Zangief in the role of a Shadaloo lackey. Charlie Nash bears no resemblence to his in-game character but this is explained by the fact that II V predates the production of the Alpha series of games (in which Charlie debuted as a playable character). E. Honda, Blanka, Dee Jay and T. Hawk are entirely absent from the plot, whilst Akuma appears only in cameos.

Damnd's Final Fight Revenge endingThe blonde-haired woman who has buried Damnd neck-deep in the Caribbean sand (and cast her bikini top upon his head!) in his Final Fight Revenge ending is non other than Maki, one of the protagonists of Final Fight 2. Maki is the daughter of former bushinryu master Genryusai (the thirty-seventh) and as such is a rival claimant to Guy's title as the present master. She is also the sister of Rena, Guy's betrothed. Maki's response to Damnd's chat-up lines can be seen in the form of a red slap-mark on the side of his face!

Major Haggar in Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of DoomA character who is a doppelganger of Mayor Haggar appears in Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (1993). After selecting your character Haggar, or rather an unnamed inn-keeper, requests that you enter your name in his guestbook before wishing you a good night's sleep. D&D: Tower of Doom is the first of two side-scrolling beat 'em ups created by Capcom based on the classic role-playing game. Released some six years after Final Fight, the grandfather of side-scrolling beat'em ups, Tower of Doom is a demonstration of the advances of the genre; gameplay is far more technical than before, involving blocking, strong attacks, turning attacks, dashing attacks, crouching and evading, not to mention the use of spells in addition to found weaponry. Tower of Doom's sequel, Shadow of Mystara (1996) is the penultimate 2D, arcade, side-scrolling beat'em up produced by Capcom, only Battle Circuit (1997) was released afterwards.

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