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Wesker performing a Tiger UppercutSomewhat incongruously, in the Mercenaries bonus game in Resident Evil 5 (later reprised in both the Mercenaries 3D title and in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3) Wesker's melee attacks contain allusions to Sagat and Adon's special moves, namely, Sagat's 'Tiger Uppercut' and Adon's 'Jaguar Kick'. A highly tenous nod to Street Fighter also exists in Resident Evil 3; whilst exploring Raccoon City the player may come across 'Eagle's Pet Shop', a possible reference to the Street Fighter character, or perhaps just a coincidence!

Damn'd on cover of Adventure Quiz sequelConfusingly, Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2 (1992) is actually the second sequel to 1989's Adventure Quiz: Capcom World. The first sequel was, in fact, Adventure Quiz 2: Hatena? no Daibouken (1990) As this is a rather obscure game and one released in Japan only, information on the title is rather limited, but what is certain is that Final Fight's Damn'd makes a cameo appearance on the cover art for the Game Boy version. This image later resurfaced on a card in Capcom's 'All Capcom World' series in 1998.

IbukiThe most pronounced waist-to-hip ratio of any Street Fighter female belongs to Ibuki at 0.63 with Rainbow Mika occupying the other end of the scale at 0.77. Every other female character falls within this narrow range, without exception, and not just within Street Fighter; this window extends to the Rival Schools and Darkstalkers series too. This is, perhaps, a revealing observation into a pervasive trend towards 'idealised' forms in video game female character design (and if so Capcom are hardly uniquely guilty in this area) yet some advocacy is to be granted on the basis that these women—certainly in the case of Street Fighter—are all athletes, martial artists or otherwise occupied in a world in which physical fitness is a matter of fact.

Way of the DragonRose and Birdie's Warriors' Dreams stages are a homage to Bruce Lee's 1972 film, Way of the Dragon and specifically his climactic fight with Colt (Chuck Norris) which takes place in the Colosseum in Rome. The backgrounds are essentially identical, even down to the stray cats roaming the scene! On a general note, the entire premise of Street Fighter parallels concepts and ideas popularised in the seminal 1973 film Enter the Dragon in which the honorable and philosophical Lee is invited to a martial arts tournament by the mysterious Han, a criminal overlord under investigation from British Intelligence who uses the tournaments to recruit powerful fighters for his organisation.

Sakura's sonMarvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter contains a number of humorous game endings but none more intriguing than Sakura's. Very similar to Dhalsim's Street Fighter II ending (in which Datta sees a photograph of his father victorious in the tournament) this ending takes us forward in time and depicts Sakura's son questioning a picture he has found of his mother standing on top of a defeated Apocalypse and Cyber Akuma. 'Oh, that's just your mom from a long time ago...' replies a highly domestic Sakura, shown wearing a pink dress, blue apron and slippers!

Guy and Cody's Final Fight trainersEarly promotional artwork for Final Fight reveals that, before they wore Adidas Superstars and Nike Dunks in Street Fighter Alpha, Cody and Guy wore New Balance and Converse sneakers respectively. The enemy character J is wearing Reebok high tops. Whilst this is extremely trivial it is interesting to note that the change in footwear is referenced in Final Fight One when Alpha Guy confronts Belger:

Maybe... I'm not the same person I was back then. I'm wearing new shoes!

This Final Fight artwork is not the only time that the iconic Converse shoes are seen in the Street Fighter universe; the red trainers that Sakura wears are unmistakably Chuck Taylor All-Stars also.

Final Fight: Seven SonsFinal Fight: Streetwise was actually the second attempt to bring the Final Fight series to sixth generation consoles (PlayStation 2 and XBox). Prior to Streetwise Capcom Studio 8 were working on another title called Final Fight: Seven Sons. This game was designed to imitate the rail cam experience of the original 2D side-scrollers (in which the player is almost always moving from left-to-right) and featured a toony, somewhat cel shaded look but was sadly cancelled (despite a playable beta in 2005) and resources were diverted into the widely criticised Streetwise, a game which bore next-to-nothing in common with its legacy. In the beta, at least two enemies from the original Final Fight reappear, namely Two.P and El Gado. It has also been observed that the protagonist in the video appears similar to Dean from Final Fight 3.

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