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Capcom Fighting EvolutionCapcom Fighting Evolution (2004), entitled Capcom Fighting Jam in Japan and Europe features a number of Street Fighter characters on its roster; Guy, Karin, Rose and Sakura representing the Alpha series, Guile, M. Bison, Ryu, Zangief and Shin Akuma representing the II series and Alex, Chun-Li, Urien and Yun representing the III series. Besides these playable fighters a whole host of other characters from the Street Fighter universe have cameo appearances in the various game endings—all of which were drawn by Udon Entertainment. Felicia and Pyrons endings in particular are rich in guests, while Twelve makes a rare appearance in Urien's ending.

AnitaIn one of the most secretive Street Fighter cameos of them all, Akuma makes a one-sprite appearance in Marvel Super Heroes (1995). This cameo is doubly obscure as the sprite is only to be found in one of Anita's attacks and Anita is herself an unfinished, hidden character. Anita's existence in the game's code is certainly mysterious; she was never a playable character in the Darkstalkers series from which she originated, being Donovan Baine's adopted ward—yet Capcom elected to include her here as a hidden character, much as they had done with Akuma in the X-Men: Children of the Atom game in 1994. However, the idea seems to have been abandoned before completion: Anita has no game-ending, her name is not displayed under the lifebar, she has Thanos's profile picture and many of her attacks are incomplete. Nevertheless, she is playable, wielding a miniature version of Dhylec, Donovan's sword and she has the ability to summon two spirits, Akuma and Mei-Ling (Hsien-Ko's twin sister). It is when Anita summons his spirit that Akuma's Super Turbo sprite appears.

WaterfallRyus SNES World Warrior ending has unique sequence at the end in which Ryu is seen practicing his Shoryuken under a waterfall (reprised with a static image in Turbo Revival). This echoes numerous images of Masutatsu Oyama and his followers, mentioned previously as one of key inspirations behind the Ryu character, training similarly beneath a waterfall. Indeed, enduring the cold water as he stood beneath it for hours at a time was a famous part of his regimen. The spirit of Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin Karate, is also evoked in Ryus Third Strike ending as he philosophises on the life of warrior, also beneath a waterfall. In addition, the bunny girl seen presenting the awards in Ryu's SNES World Warrior ending is also unique to this version.

SkullomaniaDespite some excellent character designs, Arika's EX characters have gone virtually unseen since the series drew to a conclusion. The Skullomania character, however, did make appearances outside of EX (Fighter Maker in 1998 and Technictix in 2001) and also has a one-panel cameo appearance in Udon's Street Fighter Legends: Sakura comic, where he can be seen travelling in the back of a minivan at night. 'Skullomania' is the secret identity of salesman Saburo Nishikoyama who decided to fight crime for real after posing as the skeleton superhero for an attraction at a carnival.

Sound Code 12CPS-1 iterations of Street Fighter II (i.e. all versions up to Super) contain an unused sound effect in their ROM. Sound Code 12 is a fanfare that is unheard anywhere in the game. Located directly after the 'Continue?' music but directly before the 'Game Over' fanfare it is highly plausible that Sound Code 12 was intended to signify that the player continued (as opposed to the character's battle cry, which was ultimately used instead). It can be heard by entering the service mode in any CPS-1 iteration, going to the IO Test, selecting Sound from the menu then scrolling to the twelfth object (alternatively click on the image to the left!) The sound effect was not ported to any later variants.

Zangief's handspringDeconstruction of the Alpha 2 ROM revealed an unused, unfinished and previously unseen manoeuvere for Zangief. The sprites depict Zangief performing a handspring/backflip move, unfinished in that the contour outlines are completely dark and not variously shaded as with completed sprites. Whether the move was abandoned due to time constraints or because it didn't 'fit' with the character is unknown. Thanks to The Cutting Room Floor for the image and information.

Chun-Li's hair ribbonThe outfit that Chun-Li casts off in her World Warrior ending was subtly re-drawn for her ending in Champion Edition (and retained in Hyper Fighting). Note that the colour of the outfit is orange, not blue, mirroring her original profile picture—another indication that this was indeed intended to be her default colour. Note that in her SNES World Warrior ending she is seen wearing denim shorts and an orange vest top, an outfit unique to this version. Even less commonly observed, however, is that the colour of the ribbon in her hair varies depending on which system is being played. In her arcade CPS-1 endings it is pink, in her SNES endings (World Warrior and Turbo) it is white and in her Genesis/Megadrive Special Champion Edition ending it is blue!

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HEIGHT: 195 cm

WEIGHT: 120 kg

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