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The New ChallengersCuriously, when Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers went overseas, Cammy and Dee Jay received different voices for some of their signature moves. Cammy's anti-air move, known as 'Spiral Arrow' in Japan, was called 'Thrust Kick' internationally and her 'Cannon Spike' was revoiced 'Cannon Drill'. Similarly, Dee Jay's projectile attack, accompanied by the word 'Slash', was redubbed 'Max Out' internationally. These variations were retained in Super Turbo. The question remains, why? In the case of 'Spiral Arrow' perhaps it was because the Japanese voice-over artist doesn't sound convincingly English (too many 'r's and 'l's!) Although the nomenclature for all these moves is now standard across territories many international players are still in the habit of referring to the moves by their old names.

Guile in Lucky StarGuile makes a cameo appearance as 'Foreigner' in the OVA adaptation of Kagami Yoshimizu's Lucky Star manga. The sequence appears in episode one, The Girl who Dashes Off, as Konata explains to Kagami how she and Tsukasa became friends. Konata mistakenly believed that the foreigner was going to kidnap Tsukasa when in fact he was merely asking her for directions. In her retelling of events, Konata saw him off with her 'special fists of fury' and 'beautiful hurricane kick'. Besides this reference to Ryu and Ken's signature move, the cut-away depicts the fight at Suzaku Castle; Ryu's stage from Street Fighter II.

IngridThe character Ingrid is without doubt the most esoteric to be introduced to the series proper. Originally conceived for Capcom Fighting All-Stars, which was cancelled in August 2003, Ingrid debuted instead in 2004's Capcom Fighting Evolution and was then shoe-horned into the Street Fighter roster in PlayStation Portable's Alpha 3 MAX. Despite her child-like appearance and mannerisms, her powers are implied to dwarf even those of Bison or Rose whilst seeming to stem from a shared source. Tellingly, Rose is unable to see Ingrid's future when they meet, yet Ingrid knows Rose's name (and probably a lot more besides) without ever being introduced. Incredibly, she also has the ability to travel through time; her Alpha 3 MAX ending suggests that she witnesses Ryu, now a monk, in the future. Her otherwordly powers, mastery of telekinesis, 'Eternal Goddess' nickname and general whimsy in the face of mortal danger all mark her out as something beyond human. Arguably these attributes combine to make her a better fit for Darkstalkers than Street Fighter and the validity of her participation in the events of Alpha 3 is taken with a pinch of salt by many players. Ingrid reappears in the promotional comic book for Street Fighter × Tekken (2012) in which she is revealed to be the creator of the power-giving 'Pandora' device.

Mega Man UniverseA trailer for Mega Man Universe (2010) revealed that Ryu was set to be included as an alternate playable character, alongside several iterations of Mega Man. Other Capcom characters were to be made available via DLC, according to the game's designer, Keiji Inafune. Sadly, the game was cancelled in March 2011 due to 'various circumstances', (Capcom Japan news release) these no doubt including the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Inafune's departure from Capcom in October 2010 and negative feedback about the game's controls.

SaraiThe name of the Ibuki's goggle-wearing friend, seen for the first time in her New Generation ending, is Sarai Kurosawa. This scene is replayed verbatim in Ibuki's Legends comic, in which she plays a prominent supporting role. In the course of events, Sarai is adopted as a trainee into the Glade of Ninjas—having confessed her sadness to Ibuki—and given a chance to prove herself. This storyline was 'canonised' in Ibuki's Super IV ending; Sarai is officially training alongside Ibuki. In the Shadaloo Combat Research Initiative, it is revealed that Sarai is very adept at puzzle games, stating that, 'She's probably godlike in Three Wonders - Don't Pull!' a quirky reference to Capcom's 1991 CPS-1 arcade puzzler.

Family Guy tributeThe Tiegs for Two episode of Family Guy (season nine, 2011) pays tribute to Street Fighter II in the form of a battle between Peter (as Ryu) and the dry cleaner Mr. Washee Washee (as E. Honda). The entire sub-plot, in which Peter is convinced that the dry cleaner has stolen his white shirt, seems written solely as a vehicle for the Street Fighter parody! The ensuing battle is a mash-up of different iterations; it takes place in E. Honda's World Warrior stage, the splash screen is from Champion Edition/Hyper Fighting, the audio is taken from the SNES port of World Warrior and the 'dizzy' sound-effect is from Super. The sequence is improperly credited as Super Street Fighter 2 courtesy of Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

Cammy fan-serviceChun-Li’s infamous ‘shower scene’ in The Animated Movie (1994) is widely held as the first example of a mainstream video game character to be depicted nude in a licenced product. The preconception that video games were for children combined with a historical fear of the naked body on television ensured that the scene remained censored in North America for over a decade (until Uncut, Uncensored, Unleashed in 2006). In another act of fan-service (albeit one much less well known) Cammy similarly received a shower scene in episode nineteen of Street Fighter II: V. In this case, however, Cammy’s modesty is better preserved.

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