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Chun-Li's SFII stageThe signage in Chun-Li's Street Fighter II stage translates from Chinese into English as follows: The awning above the chicken shop reads, 'Xiamen's Meat Company', the notice on the lamp-post says, 'Don't spit on the floor' and the sign above the open windows on the building on the right-hand side reveals that it is the 'Shanghai Hair Salon'. The red crates in the stall on the left spell 'Coca-Cola', the red banners next to them: 'Soft Drinks'. When the stage was re-coloured for Super the text in the background next to the man in the conical hat became clearer; his sign says, 'Fruits'.

Cameos in South ParkSouth Park's Imaginationland trilogy (Season 11, 2007) contains unlicenced appearances from two of Street Fighter 'bad guys'; Sagat and Akuma. Both are shown to be fighting for the evil half of Imaginationland but Akuma is featured more prominently. Sagat has one unmistakable appearance in episode two where he can be seen standing behind Jason Voorhees from Friday 13th. Akuma can be seen on at least four occasions, most clearly in episode two when Cartman's 'Woodland Critter' characters make their entrance. During the battle between good and evil in episode three he Shoryukens a character wearing a green costume with rabbit ears!

Alternate HUD icons in Super TurboAre you a fan of Super Street Fighter II Turbo? Are you also a fan of unused 'K.O.' icons? If the answer to these questions is, 'Yes!' then feast your eyes on these alternative icons found in the arcade ROM. In the final version the developers simply re-used the 'K.O.' icon from Super. There are also alternative 'win' icons, super meter effects and an entire font set, unused except for the letters 'T-U-R-B-O' for the game's subtitle. Again, credit is due to the spelunkers at The Cutting Room Floor for these nuggets.

CyborgSurely the most obscure playable character in any licensed Street Fighter game is Cyborg, controlled by the player during the climactic fight of the confusingly titled Street Fighter II Movie; this being the videogame based on the first animated movie, released for home consoles in Japan in 1995. Cyborg utilises Ken's moveset to do battle with a CPU controlled Ryu to achieve one of three possible endings. If Cyborg loses, Ryu and Ken team up to do battle with M. Bison, as seen in the source film. If Cyborg wins, the ending shows him assuming the vacant position at Bison's side (following Vega's demise) and Ryu gatecrashing Shadaloo's victory party! If Cyborg wins perfectly (i.e. no damage), he turns on Bison, kills him and then assumes the wandering habit of Ryu. Also note that the one-round battle against Ryu takes place on a stage background unique to this game, likewise a training stage, set in what appears to be the Shadaloo base, in which the player practices against a hologram Ryu.

Akuma in 2nd ImpactAkuma's appearance in 2nd Impact, challenging the player if they have achieved sufficient 'Perfect' wins in their campaign, mirrors his debut in Super Turbo. Initially, the player looks set to face their respective final character but then Akuma enters and performs the Shun Goku Satsu ('Raging Demon') on the opponent. In contrast to Super, a second splash screen then appears showing Akuma's face and pre-fight quote. Defeat Akuma with a Super Art and something very special happens; Akuma gets back to his feet emitting a flickering blue chi, the screen darkens, the ground shakes and the player than faces Shin Akuma, complete with white hair and grey gi.

512 special, 512 guardUnique to World Warrior, there is a 1 in 512 chance of a special move being performed with a single button press or, to put it another way, your character may randomly perform a special attack with a regular attack input (including charge attacks). Correspondingly, there is also a 1 in 512 chance of blocking an attack even when the player does not push backwards. These tweaks were included to give encouragement to new or less skillful players but both were dropped for Champion Edition as familiarity of the inputs became more widely known. On a similar note, the leniency for special move inputs varies randomly in World Warrior, sometimes giving the player longer to complete the command. Previously, inputs in Street Fighter had been notoriously strict and it is clear that in making World Warrior the design team were trying hard to avoid frustrating the player as he got to grips with the controls. (Credit to error1's Glitch Handbook at for this image.)

Slotter Up Core 7Slotter Up Core 7: Dekitou da! Street Fighter II is a game that, if you've ever heard of, you've probably never played.... Released in 2005 for PlayStation 2, this title never saw a release outside of Japan. In keeping with its predecessors in the Slotter Up Core series, this is a slot machine simulator only this time it's Street Fighter flavoured! The character profiles seen in this game are seemingly a mixture of Edayan's from Turbo Revival and Akiman's from World Warrior.

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NAME: Juri

NATION: S. Korea

HEIGHT: 165 cm

WEIGHT: 46 kg

B/W/H: 83 56 85