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SF cameos in Robot ChickenStreet Fighter action figures have two notable appearances in the stop-motion animation series, Robot Chicken. The first of these appears in episode 9 of series 2, 'Massage Chair', in which a disagreement in the marketing department of an office gets resolved by hand-to-hand 'Office Kombat'. Ryu defeats Jim with a hadoken in this skit. Secondly, in episode 4 of series 6, 'Poisoned by Relatives', there is a sequence known as 'Sushi Rolls' which features Sagat, Ryu, Ken, E. Honda, Guile, Blanka and M. Bison quibbling over the rules of the tournament. This skit also has a cameo from Q*bert!

SSFIIT odds and endsYet more unused or leftover material has been unearthed from the Super Turbo ROM. It makes sense to group these together and refer the reader to The Cutting Room Floor' for further information. In addition to the miscellaneous sprites outlined for Akuma already, the ROM also contains unused material for Cammy and Dhalsim. The former has an unused spriteset of her Hooligan Combination, on a vertical axis this time, and the latter has a horizontal variation of his Drill attack, cut during development. And it's not just graphics; sound code 00D2 is an unused piece of music, most likely intented for a scrapped ending sequence (Sarah?!) Additionally, the bonus rounds, removed from the final version do still remain in the ROM. The car chassis, for instance, is readily found in the game's object test. The image here is from Dammit's blog (see credits page), a researcher who was able to get all of the bonus rounds to work in a semi-playable state. One final tidbit; footage of the prototype version of Super Turbo shows that the flashy background reserved for 'Super' finishes was originally displayed for special move finishes as well (thanks again, Rage Quitter 87).

Dhalsim JuggleDhalsim is the victim of a glitch in Champion Edition during part of his air recovery that enables his opponent to 'juggle' him if he is hit by a move that would normally cause him to land on his feet. If exploited this allows the opponent to get in a couple of free hits while Dhalsim is defenceless. Akira Nishitani was reminded of this and responded on his Twitter feed:

Ah, now I remember. That was, again, leftover from when we were experimenting with juggle combos, and forgot to remove the hitboxes on one frame....

Credit again goes to error1 and the Glitch Handbook over at for the image here and details of this glitch. It's really neat to be able to see the hitboxes in action.

Typing Fighter IIA typing tutorial game entitled Typing Fighter II (also a sequel, Typing Fighter II: Plus) was released in Japan only, reportedly around the year 2000, featuring graphics and characters lifted comprehensively from World Warrior. Considering that this title was made by 'Apcom' (!) it is speculated to be 'dōjinshi', that is to say, an unlicensed, self-published work. Footage of the title reveals three game modes: in Mode 1, the player has to correctly type sentences dictated to them by Chun-Li. Mode 2 revisits the car crushing bonus stage, with Ken and Ryu attacking the car as the player correctly types. Mode 3 plays out like arcade mode, with the player pitted against the other World Warriors and concluding with a battle against M. Bison. Victory is, of course, achieved by accurate keystrokes. The bonus stage of Mode 3 tasks the player with raising Dhalsim higher and higher off the ground with each correct word; YOGA SPELL!

Street Fighter II RideMove over Star Tours, there's a new ride in town!' In June 1999, Showscan Entertainment released a Street Fighter II themed simulation ride, taking audiences on a CGI adventure through fights between many of the game's characters, most prominently featuring Ryu, Ken and M. Bison. If you're a masochist, this film can be viewed in full online. For everyone else, I'll summarise: it's 4.5 minutes of frenzied nonsense predicated on the idea that Bison has to be stopped from escaping from the video game and destroying the real world. He is. The 3d character models are frankly horrible and the voice acting is worse so there's really nothing to redeem it. I'm tempted to say it's worth watching just for the bit where Sagat seemingly humps the camera but it's not. Next!

SCE in Peep ShowThe Sega Genesis/Mega Drive port, Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition is shown being played in one of the episodes of the UK TV series, Peep Show. In 'Chairman Mark', the fifth episode of series eight, Joshy (Mark's nephew) and Jez are playing a two-player, versus game as Ryu and Chun-Li respectively. At the end of the first round shown, Jez has only landed a single weak attack on his opponent as he is K.O.'d. (The viewer briefly sees a second round where neither player has landed any attacks.)

AkikoIn a similar vein, the third episode of the seventh season of American Dad, entiled 'Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls' features a memorable and extended Street Fighter reference. This comes in the form of Akiko Yoshida, Toshi's sister, who dresses up as Chun-Li for Hallowe'en. Also, the cave that Steve and Akiko hide out in when they are avoiding Toshi is very reminiscent of Shin Akuma's stage, Oni Fang Cave, in Zero 3 Upper but this is perhaps just a coincidence.

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NAME: Evil Ryu


HEIGHT: 165 cm

WEIGHT: 68 kg

B/W/H: 112 81 85