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Makoto's PileSpot the cameos in Makoto's 3rd Strike ending! There are several Street Fighter characters on the pile of Makoto's defeated opponents that don't otherwise appear in Street Fighter III; namely, from left to right: 'Killer Bee' era Cammy, Dee Jay, T. Hawk and Zangief. There is also an homage to Bruce Lee; the legs of an opponent wearing his Game of Death outfit can also be seen on the pile. It's worth mentioning that Fei Long has been depicted wearing this costume in the Udon comics and in Masahiko Nakahira's Cammy Gaiden manga.

Fighter's HistoryIn 1994, Capcom sought an injuction against Data East producing, marketing or selling their Fighter's History game on the grounds that it infringed their copyright in Street Fighter II. Essentially, Capcom argued that Fighter's History, it's characters, moves and control system were a rip-off of Street Fighter. The court proceedings make for interesting reading. To summarise, whilst Data East had clearly used Street Fighter II as a reference for its own title, the court found that the similarities were all unprotectable under the doctrine of scènes à faire (that is to say, that tropes of a genre exist in the public domain).

Street FighterTo date, there are no official revisions of Street Fighter that allow the player to take control of any of the CPU characters that Ryu fights against in the game's tournament (although most have since become playable in later titles). This is a pity and, with the benefit of hindsight, a missed opportunity considering the success of the Champion Edition of Street Fighter II. But, thanks to the efforts of a modder named Yumeji, these characters became selectable in an unofficial revision, known as SF1++ or Street Fighter Plus Plus. Such mods seem certain to proliferate and become further refined so it's never been a better time toe be a fan of Retsu, Geki, Joe, Mike or Lee!

Final Fight GuyThe introductory text in Final Fight Guy for the Super NES differs from that seen in other versions of Final Fight. This was done to explain Cody's absence and to differentiate it from the original port.

This is Metro City - Crime Capital of the world. Mike Haggar, mayor of Metro City and former street fighter, has been battling a ruthless gang known as the Mad Gear. For months, Cody and Guy have been training with Guy's sensei in Japan. Together with Haggar they had been hoping to drive the Mad Gear from Metro City. When Guy returned to Metro City early, he found himself caught in the Mad Gear's evil plot.

Also: Haggar's line 'You son of a...' was changed to, 'You fiend!' and, 'Nothing yet...but we'd enjoy the opportunity...' became, 'Nothing yet...but we will if you don't co-operate' in both SNES intros. With Cody 'still in Japan' the ending dialogue is also different in Guy and, due to the absence of each other, both ports omit the famous scene where Guy attacks Cody for walking away from Jessica, although a chibi version of this scene does play out at the very end of Final Fight Guy.

CFE CameosIn addition to the character cameos in the endings of Capcom Fighting Evolution, (drawn by Udon, pictured in Volume II, page 13) there are also a wealth of cameos in the game's stage backgrounds. (Apologies that a few can't be seen in the pictures here; they are there I promise!) Here goes: Birdie, Cammy, Charlie, Cody, Dee Jay, Hugo, Ken, Q, Sean, T. Hawk, Balrog (grafitti) and Sodom (grafitti) are all seen in the New York stage. Dan, E. Honda, Ibuki, Makoto, Maki and Cammy (on a poster) are seen in the Japan stage. Adon, Dhalsim and Sagat appear in the Myanmar stage, Fei Long and Yang in Hong Kong and, finally, Oro is seen hanging from a tree in the Jungle stage.

Tiny Rebel HadoukenTiny Rebel are an award-winning craft brewer based in Wales producing a destinctive range of beers. I was pleased to discover that one of their creations is called 'Hadouken', a tribute, of course, to Ryu and Ken's finishing move from the Street Fighter series. Hadouken is described as an 'Amplified IPA' with an ABV of 7.4%. It is 'massively hopped with a combo of 3 American varieties'. And very tasty it is too. I would personally recommend their 'Cwtch' beer also - lovely stuff!

SFxACStreet Fighter × All Capcom was an RPG card game released for Japanese mobile phones in November 2013. The story for this game is amusing: in 'Capcom World', a place where all Capcom characters live, the Street Fighter cast held a tournament to decide which among them is Capcom's No. 1 character. At the finals (between Ryu and Chun-Li), characters from other franchises decided they wanted to participate as well and joined the battle! Fittingly for a game with 'All Capcom' in the title, this game contains more than 500 character cards from over 23 franchises across 30 years of Capcom history. From Street Fighter and Final Fight, the following characters have featured prominently in promotional artwork: Chun-Li, Cody, Guile, Haggar, Ingrid, Ken and Ryu. Sadly this game has never been released internationally.

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