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Bay Area Dog BonusesNeed a little help in Final Fight on SNES? JLukas uncovered a very cool secret in the Bay Area involving each of the four dogs that you pass by. As explained on 'Stand underneath [the dog] where your X coordinate overlaps the dog, and your Y coordinate is a step or so down from the top of the screen, as shown in the picture. Note that the Y coordinate is pixel precise and will require some practice to position your character correctly. You've found the correct spot when the dog begins barking faster.' The bonuses received are as follows:

Dog 1 --- Adds 1000 points every 4 seconds
Dog 2 --- Adds 1 credit every 60 seconds
Dog 3 --- Adds 1 life every 60 seconds (disabled at 9 lives)
Dog 4 --- Restores 1 unit health every second

More Dog Bonuses!So what about the dogs in Final Fight Guy I hear you cry! Over to JLukas again to expand: 'The bonuses were overall obtained faster in this version and the boundaries your player must stand in to receive a bonus were expanded: while the X coordinate is a 16-pixel window in both versions (overlapping the dog), the Y coordinate was expanded to a four-pixel window instead of being pixel-precise. You must be a step or so down from the top of the screen, as shown in the picture. The dog will stop animating when the player is in the right position.' The bonuses in Guy are also found in the GBA port, Final Fight One:

Dog 1 --- Adds 10 points every 0.5 seconds
Dog 2 --- Adds 1 credit every 20 seconds
Dog 3 --- Restores 1 unit health almost instantly (30 units every second)
Dog 4 --- Adds 1 life every 30 seconds (disabled at 9 lives)

BellamachaThere's quite a lot of birds in Street Fighter; for example, the ravens in Cammy's II stage, the sparrow in Chun-Li's III3 stage, the flock of flamingoes in Elena's III background and of course there's Eagle (ha!) But perhaps the most famous bird in Street Fighter is Bellamacha. A pet belonging to Dee Jay's manager Rick, Bellamacha is most famously seen in Dee Jay's stage background in and following Super. Artwork for Street Fighter V depicts Rick carrying Bellamacha's chicks on his head. I'm no ornothologist but Bellamacha most closely resembles a yellow-billed amazon, also known as the Jamaican amazon, which seems right.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2With Tekken Tag Tournament 2, released for consoles in 2012, developer Bandai Namco included a not-so-subtle reference to the Street Fighter series. In a good humoured jibe, the game's training mode, known as the 'Fight Lab', contains three fighters dressed up as Ken, Ryu and Akuma for the trainee player to pummel away at. These can be found in stage five, where learning about the game's tag mechanics are the focus. In this stage, Bob Richards is wearing Ken's costume, Ganryu is wearing Ryu's and Jinpachi is dressed as Akuma. The first two are particularly amusing as Bob and Ganryu are considerably heavier set than their Capcom likenesses!

WormsProbably the first place I remember seeing a reference to Street Fighter outside of the Capcom universe was in Team17's Worms game from 1995. In this title, aptly described by Amiga Power as, 'A cross between Cannon Fodder and Lemmings' players choose from an arsenal of weapons to deal damage to a rival team of anthropomorphic worms. Two of the attacks available to the player directly reference Street Fighter; the 'Fire Punch' and 'Dragon Ball'. In both cases, the worm dons a headband and then performs a Shoryuken or Hadoken respectively. Adorably, these moves are accompanied by a worm-sized corresponding sound effect. Both attacks appear in all 2D Worms games to date.

Fei Long's TopHere's something funny; I must have seen the character select screen from Super/Super Turbo a thousand times but it wasn't until someone pointed it out to me that I realised the thing about Fei Long. And the thing about Fei Long is: he's wearing a top. In his profile picture you can see the collar of a top that you never see him wearing during gameplay. Hardly earth-shattering I know, but it struck me as strange that I'd never thought about it before. Now the obvious explanation is that it's so that the player can see what colour outfit has been selected. I can accept that, but, then it seems odd that Capcom didn't see fit to do the same with Sagat or Dee Jay. And now that I think about it, Zangief is wearing a vest on his character select profile picture that he doesn't wear in-game either. Fancy that!

Level Select in Fighting StreetTo bring the curtain down on this volume, a fact about the TurboGrafx-CD port of Street Fighter. You know the one, it's the one called Fighting Street for some reason! What you may not know is that this game has a hidden level select and what's more, you can use the level select to skip straight to the ending if the precise timing required for special attacks has you beaten. In order to access it: Play the game until you get a high score. Enter .AS as a name (or .LK to also have 7 continues), then allow the game to return to the title screen. At the title screen, press Left + I + II + Select. The level select will appear when you start the game.

final round... fight!

"it's my job to keep metro city safe!"

NAME: Haggar


HEIGHT: 202 cm

WEIGHT: 121 kg

B/W/H: --- --- ---